Full Service Marketing

Real-World Promotion and Feedback from the experts

In-Store Demonstration Services and Street Teams

Norman Distribution takes our service a step further and offers our partners a fully managed, affordable, and hassle-free demo program. From start to finish, we take the time to truly learn your product offering and develop a targeted sampling service program in appropriate locations during high-traffic and peak hours. We believe this program will provide your brand maximum exposure to both the retailer and consumer.

All Norman Demos include:

  • > Professional Execution by Food Service Sanitation Certified Staff
  • > Basic Equipment and Supplies
  • > Store Scheduling and Communication to all Parties
  • > Demo Staff Management and Administration
  • > Account Specific Sales Training (brand-supplied coupons and promotional materials)
  • > A full recap of sales performance including units sold, samples distributed, and customer feedback.

Whether you’re a current partner or solely looking for professional demo services, contact us to see what a Norman Distribution demo can do for your brand or retail establishment today!

An online presence worth talking about

Social Media

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and Norman acknowledges its impact. Social media is a movement so powerful it trumps basic marketing practices. Norman’s marketing arm utilizes social media optimization (SEM) allowing access to specific social groups. Simply put, we link consumers to our brands and retail locations. Social media helps connect consumers to our promotional events, tastings and additional marketing campaigns.

Basic or Advanced eCommerce Websites

Whether your customer prefers viewing your website on a computer or making a purchase on their phone, we can build the right kind of website for your business. Although we offer your product through our own channels, we can create a retailers-only area on your website as well.

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Guerilla Marketing

Norman participates in live events, promotions, media exposure, target marketing and hosts events with strategic partners that hone in on a brand’s niche market.


Media Exposure

Utilizing all areas of media (TV, print, and internet) is essential when building brand awareness. It allows us to connect with consumers through multiple communication channels.


Target Marketing

Every brand gravitates towards different demographic groups. We work side by side with brand representatives to understand how to best reach their target demographic.



Partnering a brand with a specific organization can help create positive public awareness, spread word-of-mouth and excite a completely different demographic group.