Kicking off the Summer promoting healthy brands in Chicago

On May 29th – May 31st, Norman Distribution proudly participated in the annual Do-Division Fest in downtown Chicago. The show was a great success, and it was a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase a handful of the many brands we represent. Roughly 50,000 people attended this event and many showed their support of our initiative.

Local Chicago girls enjoy Vuka from Norman Distribution      Chicago festival go-ers enjoy Wild Garden samples from Norman Distribution's Do-Division Fest booth.      Healthier snack samples from Norman Distribution's Do-Division Fest booth      Chicago Do-ers enjoying Alo drink samples from Norman Distribution

Patrons loved sampling our products and as a result, many recognized that you can have better-for-you snacks that taste just as good, and even better, than the more abundant conventional options. The overwhelming positivity that our booth garnered lead to many conversations that further reinforced our belief; people want healthier options!

It is up to all of us to convince retailers that health is in demand, and the best way to do this is to simply ask! Go to your local grocer and tell them you want healthier options… and don’t forget to mention Norman Distribution!