Norman Distribution is a full-service wholesale food, beverage and snack distribution company primarily serving independent specialty retailers, large supermarkets, convenience stores (C-stores), and On-Premise accounts in the greater Chicago Area and surrounding states. As a direct-store delivery (DSD) distributor, we incorporate an “on the shelf, off the shelf” business model linking efficient supply-chain logistics and effectual marketing strategies to increase velocity and turns off the shelf for the stores we service.


GMP and HACCP Certified

Chicago’s Norman Distribution is proud to be HACCP and GMP Certified

In addition to providing competitive wholesale pricing to retail grocery and mass channels, our consulting and brand incubation division helps bring food and beverage brands to the next level by leveraging experienced insight and an extensive Midwest distribution network.

Our convenient Corporate Gifting and eminent HealthVend business units provide unique snack and healthy food distribution nationwide to corporate and hospitality food service buyers, vending operators, C-stores, grocery and drugstores.




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Thanks to Norman’s long term relationships with major retailers, both big and small brand retailers trust that the product we give them will sell.

Food Service

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Cafeterias found in schools, universities, hospitals, and corporate environments help drive large volumes of sales. Our trucks deliver to these locations on a daily basis.


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Thanks to Norman’s long term relationships with major retailers, both big and small brand retailers trust that the product we give them will sell.

Connecting brands to
retailers  and consumers


With comprehensive logistical software, reliable logistical equipment, and a team of dedicated and experienced individuals, Norman Distribution is the leader in efficient distribution. Reliable supply, quality customer service and consistent merchandising is our standard for quality service.


Selling product is one thing. Immediately delivering on that sale is what makes Norman great. Our direct store delivery services provide store owners and managers ease of mind, increasing loyalty as well as sales!


With Norman’s cross docking services, our employees immediately move the shipment from the inbound trailer to an outbound trailer, relieving you from the hassle!


As your full-service fulfillment solution, the Norman warehousing program is ready to store product for you on a monthly or long-term basis. Better yet, if we’re selling your product as well, it won’t be here for long!


Limited retail shelf-space is nearly as valuable as the hearts of consumers. Our reps, dedicated to both product movement and brand marketing, continuously provide excellent service while stocking shelves with fresh merchandise!


Give your clients, employees, and vendors something unique and memorable by choosing us to fulfill your needs for your next business event or holiday!



Want to increase brand exposure through social networks, your website, media channels, or guerilla marketing? Our team can handle everything!



Norman Distribution’s customers, ranging from small independent retailers to huge multinational supermarkets to school districts to hospital food service organizations, are a special breed of conscious businesses: Valuing not only profits but the health and well-being of their patrons and communities. This is where we recognize a few of those valued wholesale buyers, discuss events, share news, and more…

  • Sample booth for healthier snacks and beverages at Do-Division in downtown Chicago

Norman Distribution does the “Do”!

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In May, Norman Distribution proudly participated in the annual Do-Division Fest in downtown Chicago, sharing healthy food, drinks and fun...

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A Letter from Our CEO

June 23rd, 2015|0 Comments

Thank you for your continued support and interest in healthy snacks, beverages, and specialty products...

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